Something completely different

Today I tried out something that I rarely do, product photography. Nothing against it but its just never been something that's been touched upon.

The briefing was to shoot a selection of Sweet Shop sweets for a clients website.

We set up a simple home studio consisting of a table, some colored cloth and two flashes. These were positioned slightly in front but at the site of the subject, this was to reduce as much glare as possible and to create a nice flat image (by which I mean no strong shadows).

The shoot we smoothly and we ended up with images that were bang on the mark for what the client wanted.

Few things to improve on...
I forgot to set white balance on the camera, which was a mistake but saving grace was shooting in RAW. This meant that the inconsistent colours could be changed relatively easily in post production.

All in all a good first time at shooting products. completely different style that what I'm used to but happy with the results.